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Individual Development Plan

Your time as a postdoctoral scholar at UC Merced will be best maximized through setting a clear direction early on. We recommend employing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to help you navigate your traineeship and career. An IDP is a living document that helps you identify your goals, sets a path and helps trainees manage their career development plans. It is perfectly normal to not have all the answers or clarity about your chosen pathway at the beginning. As you gain the necessary skills to achieve your goals, the plan may change and grow with you.

Once you've drafted an IDP, it is a good idea to discuss the living document with your Faculty Mentor, who can help you identify what you excel at, provide advice and guide you using their own experiences. We recommend that you initiate the conversation with your Faculty mentor and discuss your IDP at least once a year. For new postdocs, more frequent "check-ins" help in developing a stronger foundation and a more positive and productive training experience.

An excellent resource for developing your IDP is the myIDP webportal at